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Keep your look simple, yet stylish with our must-have accessories for all.


A stainless bangle with a one-side lock is a stylish and contemporary accessory designed to be worn around the wrist.

The bangle is crafted from stainless steel, a durable and corrosion-resistant material, ensuring longevity and a sleek appearance. The one-side lock feature adds a unique and modern touch to the design.



The bangle is typically an oval-shaped bracelet that encircles the wrist, offering a comfortable fit. The one-side lock mechanism provides a secure closure on one end of the bangle, contributing to both aesthetics and functionality.

The stainless steel construction not only imparts a contemporary and polished look but also makes the bangle suitable for everyday wear.



This bracelet is available in GOLD, WHITE and ROSE GOLD.

The circumference of the bracelet is 16CM and 19CM. 


Hypoallergenic, Tarnish-resistant, water-resistant, color will last for a long time. 
Wrap your wrist in the latest look-at-me fashion that’s simple, yet oh-so-striking.
With a classic yet modern style, this bangle bracelet is sure to be your go-to piece. 
Low-maintenance accessory that retains its shine over time.

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